Animals’ World HD

Most of us grew up with picture books of animals. As children, these books help us learn about all kinds of different animals. Animals’ World is basically a picture book on your iPad, but the great thing is that it costs a fraction of what a physical book does, and it also offers a lot of other great features that you won’t find in any animal book!

When you download this app and open it you’ll see a screen with a bunch of animals on it. You can scroll through all the various animals that are available by dragging your finger across the screen. When you find an animal that you’d like to take an in depth look at just touch it and the app will zoom in on it.

When you have an animal selected there are four buttons you can press, one in each corner of the screen. In the upper right corner of the screen is a “zoom” button. Touching this will zoom in so that you can see all of the detail of the beautiful high-res images. Most of these images are large enough that you have to drag around the screen to see the entire thing.

In the lower left corner of the screen is a button with a ruler on it. Touching this button will show a silhouette of an average sized man next to the animal. This gives you an idea of the relative size of the animal.

In the lower right corner is a button with a globe on it. This button will show you a map of the globe with all of the areas where that particular animal lives highlighted. You can rotate and view other ares of the globe by touching it and dragging around. At any time if you want to go back to a previous screen, the upper left corner of the screen is a back arrow that will take you back.

The strength of this app definitely lies in the both the quality of it’s images and in the large amount of animals that is included. A couple of things I noticed, on the other hand, are that the globe is a little bit confusing to rotate, and it would have been nice if the app pronounced the names of the animals for small children that can’t read.

All things considered though, I could definitely see this app being a great way to expose your young child to the world of animals! While it would be nice to maybe see a few new features added, the interface is clean and simple, and there really is a lot of content.