Lunar Hunt and Fish

We’ve all been there. You take a week off to go hunting or fishing, and the whole time you’re there you just are not having any luck. While there is nothing under the sun that can guarantee results, it has been known for quite some time that following the moon’s patterns can help tell you when the ideal times for hunting and fishing are. Lunar Hunt and Fish is an app designed to help you schedule your days around those ideal times directly from your iPhone!

This app get’s straight to the point with an extremely simple interface. When you open up Lunar Hunt and Fish you’ll see a brief intro screen and then be taken directly to the search function. At the top of this screen you’ll see controls for location. You can either use your current location, or you can search by the zip code of the area that you’ll be visiting. Something that would have been nice here is if there was a way to find the location that you want to search on a map, but it’s not that hard to look up zip code online if you don’t know it.

Once you have your location setup you’ll need to set up the block of time that you will be available and ready to go fishing/hunting. There are options to set the time zone, daylight savings status and then a box to set the starting and ending time of your search. The “time zone” setting was a nice touch to this app as it allows you to see the times in the time zone you will be in, regardless of what time it is where you are now. It would have been nice to have a map of some sort to help you figure out the time zones where you will be at on your trip, but again this information is not hard to find, and sometimes it’s better to just keep an app simple!

Once you have everything ready all you have to do is touch the “Get Best Times” button and you’ll see a list of times at the bottom of the screen. The times are sorted by “Best Times,” and Good Times.” They are also grouped by day. I think it would have been nice if the actual days showed up in the search results instead of just “Day 1,” “Day 2,” etc. but it’s not a huge deal because you can see the day range above the list as you browse it.

The only real problem I had with this app is that there seems to be a small bug when entering a day range that has days in two different months. When you do this it pops up a message telling you that you have “No Internet Connection.” This bug is relatively minor though and I’m sure it will be fixed in a future update. I would definitely say that whether you are serious about hunting and fishing, or even if you just have a big trip planned sometime soon that this is definitely an app worth taking a look at. You might be able to find this information somewhere else for free, but you won’t find it in a way that is this easy to use anywhere else that I’m aware of! So what are you waiting for? Check out Lunar Hunt and Fish today!