The Merck Manual

Before there was medical insurance, before the internet, before all of the technology that we currently have, there was The Merck Manual. First published in 1899 as Merck’s Manual of the Materia Medica, present-day it has come full circle and is now an iPhone app entitled The Merck Manual Home Edition. With a range of topics from the common cold to bee stings; cardiac arrest to STD’s and everything in between, The Merck Manual is the ultimate guide to any medical question you may have and the iPhone app is the ultimate solution to carry around wherever you may go.

The home screen of the app allows you to search by a specific category: blood disorder, cancer, skin disorders, etc; by the index; or probably the most convenient category: emergencies and injuries, which has things like choking, poisoning, burns, etc. The home screen also allows you type anything into the search bar and a list of articles and related topics will come up. In addition to all of the search options, a random fact is displayed where you will also have the option to learn more about that particular topic. wordpress themerckmanual 02 The Merck Manual   iPhone App ReviewThe searching options on this app are great. Whether you want to search by name, index, disease, etc – all of the options are covered and they make it very easy to find what you are looking for.

I particularly liked the Emergencies and Injuries section. Any common household will have the need for this app. Shortly after I downloaded this app, my mom was stung by a bee so I searched the related topic, took a screen shot of what it said and emailed it to my mom. It was easy and quick and did exactly what it needed to do.

In addition to all of the search options and information that The Merck Manual has, you can also add any of the articles as a “favorite” so that you can easily search at any time. All of the favorites are stored as a list and easily accessible at any time.wordpress themerckmanual 03 The Merck Manual   iPhone App Review

The Merck Manual is a great buy for anyone who has ever looked up a medical term, condition or symptoms. It’s similar to searching the internet but instead of filtering through your searches to find something that is relevant, you can search The Merck Manual and have only things that are relevant. You may be thinking that 9.99 is a little steep, but the life-saving advice that is contained within this app has no price.